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Pair of 1960s Hollywood Regency Style Table Lamps: Vintage Opulence Reimagined

Pair of 1960s Hollywood Regency Style Table Lamps: Vintage Opulence Reimagined

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  • Professionally Restored in our Workshop
  • Circa (age):1960
  • Style: Hollywood Regency
  • Materials: Wood, Brass, Metal, Paper
  • Period: Vintage (20 to 100 years old)
  • Returns accepted for 14 days

Measurements: 7"W x 37"H x 7"D

Feel free to contact us for any specific measurements you need.

Color Finishes: Stained, Plated, Patinated, Polished

Elevate your interior ambiance with our dazzling pair of table lamps from the 1960s, impeccably reimagined in the Hollywood Regency Style. Hand-crafted from brass, these lamps stand as a testament to the timeless allure of masterful craftsmanship, presented in great condition following a comprehensive restoration by our in-house team of experts. Each lamp captivates with its glittering brass finial, which crowns a sleek round neck. This is complemented by petite black shades that harbor a hidden surprise – a reflective gold interior that casts a warm, inviting glow. Seamlessly balancing form and function, the entire assembly is grounded on a perfectly round brass base. A meticulous cleaning and polishing process has not only rejuvenated their original charm but also enabled the development of a unique lustrous patina that exudes vintage luxury. Beyond their visual splendor, these table lamps prioritize practicality. Fully wired to meet US standards and in perfect working condition, they are ready to illuminate your home with both light and elegance. Whether placed in a living room, bedroom, or study, these Hollywood Regency Style lamps promise to infuse your space with a touch of vintage glamour.

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