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1950's Pair of Porcelain Table Lamps

1950's Pair of Porcelain Table Lamps

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  • Professionally Restored in our Workshop
  • Circa (age):1950
  • Style: Chinese Export
  • Materials: Maple Wood, Pocelain, Plastic
  • Period: Vintage (20 to 100 years old)
  • Returns accepted for 14 days

Measurements: 18"Dia x 35.5"H

Feel free to contact us for any specific measurements you need.

Color Finishes: Hand Painted, Glazed

Chinese Elegance Illuminated: A Pair of Porcelain Table Lamps
Step into a world of artistry and elegance with this extraordinary pair of Chinese table lamps. Meticulously crafted out of porcelain, these luminaries reflect the finest traditions of Chinese craftsmanship, bringing both light and cultural opulence to your interiors.

A Tapestry of Vivid Imagery
Each lamp becomes a canvas, narrating tales of nature's splendor. Adorned with a colorful decorative gilt, they vividly depict delicate flowers, graceful birds and butterflies, and intricate design details, each stroke resonating with history and artistry.

Elevated by Exquisite Details
Resting upon a hand-painted maple wood base, the lamps seamlessly blend tradition with functionality. Topped with new shades and crowned by their original spheric finials, they bring together the old and the new in harmonious synergy.

Modern Functionality Meets Vintage Charm
Wired to US standards, these eye-catching lamps aren’t just ornamental masterpieces. They promise impeccable working condition, ensuring they light up your spaces as effortlessly as they captivate your senses.

Introduce a touch of historical grandeur to your home with these Chinese porcelain table lamps. Marrying the aesthetics of a beautiful asian art era with contemporary functionality, they promise to be a radiant centerpiece, casting both light and luxury upon your decor.

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