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Eclectic interior designs are interior designs with a combination of numerous interesting elements. It is a unique decor consisting of different patterns, colors, furniture and trends. Successfully pulling off an eclectic design can be tricky as a failed eclectic decor can end up looking as a poorly designed room.

A successful eclectic decoration will give a room character and personality. Eclectic decorating makes a room warmth, homely feelings and exciting to be in. To properly pull off an eclectic interior design, here are some tips to follow.

Eclectic furniture

Furniture is a very important element when trying to achieve an eclectic design. To get the right look, you can combine furniture from different time periods and trends. Antique furniture should definitely be a part of an eclectic decor as well as modern furniture. Sofas should have different colors and designs but ensure these colors and textures are used a number of times.

Combine Textures

Eclectic decorating is majorly about texture combinations. You need to include soft and tough, fluffy and plain, and light and thick textures to the decor. This makes the overall look more captivating. Note that textures do not only apply to fabrics such as pillows, curtains, rugs, and sofas. Texture relates to every component in the house such as the wallpaper, the fireplace, tables, flooring, and other finishes. With the right texture combination, an eclectic interior design will be close to perfect.

Color combination

Color combinations are also a big part of eclectic decorating. With eclectic designs though, it is important for one to be cautious while combining colors. While mixing textures and combining furniture from different time periods, it is inevitable to have a variety of colors. Choose colors which will not make the room look mismatched. Colors should blend nicely with a nice theme, and each color shade or pattern should be used more than once at least.

Don’t cluster

An eclectic interior design gotten wrong can result in a cluttered room. Do not throw any and everything you find into the room hoping to achieve an eclectic design. Leave some spaces free and ensure that every element is properly organized to get the perfect look.

Finding the right balance with all the different elements can help you get the perfect eclectic design.

Don’t be scared to try out new styles and patterns for your home, get an eclectic interior design today!


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