Antiques Buying Guide: Midcentury Antiques to Look For

There’s something special about owning antique furniture. Not only do you own a design that stood the test of time, but you’re also owning something unique and potentially one-of-a-kind.

Incredibly, antiques also retain their value as collector’s items. Items bought at Pier 1 or Ikea can lose their value over time. When you shop antiques, you are making an investment in furniture pieces that may not depreciate.


Tips for buying antiques

As you shop for antiques, here are things to keep in mind!

Purchase from reputable dealers
Buy what you love
Ask about the item’s history
Consider if imperfect items are treasures you want to embrace
To avoid buyer’s remorse, buy only items you love instead of shopping for trends
When shopping for antiques with a modern design, mix colors and fabric! Don’t be afraid to mix the types of wood or patterns, either
One of our favorite styles is mid-century modern decor.

What is midcentury modern décor?

Contemporary designs are known for their simplicity, functionality, and fine craftsmanship. Because mid-century décor is simple and organic, this style has stood the test of time.
There’s a mixture of organic and geometric shapes. Although the colors are usually neutral, mid-century designers also used other colors from bright hues to warm earthy tones.
Styles from 1933 to 1965 / or 1947 to 1957
Usually made of wood including teak, walnut, bamboo, and rattan. Some mid-century décor is also made of metal, glass, plastic and even Lucite.
Functional, minimalist
Mix mid-century décor with bold colors to create an extravagant feel.
What to look out for when buying mid-century antique furniture

Wood. If you want to go for full traditional décor, choose wood furniture with a neutral finish. Don’t be afraid to combine different types of wood to your mid-century design.
Brass finish. A brass finish was a popular, timeless aspect of mid-century design. To give a mid-century feel to your room, incorporate brass into your furniture.
Scale your pieces. Many mid-century pieces are narrower and lower to the ground. Scale furniture: adding different layers and heights creates depth in your room.

Must-Have Mid-Century Décor Pieces

1950s Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirrors are a staple of mid-century décor. They are functional, add an exciting dimension to your room, and are easy to match with other furniture.

Brass lamps

Because the brass finish was a popular aspect of mid-century design, brass lamps are another staple piece of furniture for mid-century interior design. If you want to incorporate earthy tones, a brass lamp is an incredible addition to your collection.


Chandeliers are beautiful accent pieces to add to your mid-century home. They are centerpieces that attract attention and awe from your house guests. Most people associate chandeliers with luxury and elegance.

Lounge chairs

Another functional yet elegant addition to your mid-century décor would be lounge chairs. Pair a lounge chair with a brass lamp and stylish pillow to create a cozy, mid-century living room.



Vibrant artwork adds boldness to the elegant, natural midcentury modern design. Abstract, off-setting artwork paired with a white backdrop grabs attention and sets a 1950s mood.

How to bring antique furniture pieces together

Contrast what you already have. If you have a dark-colored table, consider using a lighter-colored carpet or accent pieces. Incorporate yellow or gold mid-century pieces to add a layer of luxury to your interior design.
Add texture to the room with a rug. Adding a rug can add texture and dimensions to traditional mid-century pieces with clean lines and geometric shapes.
Accentuate the room with lighting. Add a lighting fixture, like a gold lamp, starburst fixture, or chandelier, to bring an elegant mid-century vibe to your room.
Use geometric shapes and cushions to uplevel the room. Choose cushions with vibrant colors to accentuate the neutral tone of your mid-century modern sofa. Geometric patterns bring the 1950s, mid-century design to your living room.

Remember that as you shop for antiques with a modern design, you can mix and match pieces!

Buying an antique item online has its advantages, except you may pay for the shipping. At Castle Antiques, we offer door-to-door delivery domestically and internationally.

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